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Contact: Dawn Cooke - Dip. Hyp. CS.  MHS. Dip. PC. MNCS.
(Based at Buckden Marina) 
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When it comes to our bodies we may be dissatisfied and try new exercise regimes and techniques, new diets and eating plans, we visit salons for treatments and our doctors for help with symptoms.  Yet when it comes to our minds, we often neglect to consider the impact poor mind health and stress has on us. 

Do you struggle to find fun, happiness and joy?  Do you feel your mind holds you back sometimes? Do you find yourself thinking and thinking and not getting anywhere? Do you struggle to let go of past experiences and emotions?  Do you often think or say "If Only?"  Do you perhaps think there is something missing? Do you have no motivation?  Do you have symptoms with no medical cause. 

Overthinking, self doubt, self criticism, inner conflicts, lack of confidence, impaired decision making can all lead to stress, sleep problems, unhealthy habits,  self defeating behaviours and  mood problems to name but a few.

My unique combined approach using Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy with Counselling and Coaching techniques, can get to the route cause of your problems resulting in significant improvement in as little as three sessions.  Book a Spa Break for your mind

Stress. Anxiety. Depression 

Fears & Phobias.  

Weight Management. 

Habits & Addictions. 

Sleep Problems.  

Letting Go & Moving On. 

Relationship problems. 

Low Self Esteem.

Confidence  Issues.

Mood problems.

Exam Nerves.

Relaxation and many more ...

Sessions £50.00 (first consultation free) 

Complete Confidentiality.

Call now  for free initial consultation - 07966 282005 or email - [email protected]